Just Dandy


On the Horizon

Graffiti Bridge

Bleeding Hearts 2

Love the raindrops in this shot

Bleeding Hearts

As I Lay Me Down to Sleep (Mother Natures Blanket)

A blanket of freshly fallen pedals

“The Wood Witch” [CPG]

This is the second photo in my “CellPhone-Tography” Series. I took this photo on January 11, 2012 while on my river walk. This tree, or what was left of it seemed to cast… Continue reading

Field of Past Dreams [CPG]

Here is the first post in my new “Cell-Phonetography” series. I took this today 1.11.12 at about 11 a.m. once uploaded to Dropbox and put on my ipad2 I used Snapseed to adjust… Continue reading


For the forseable future I am going to be doing a bit of an expirement that I have been wanting to do for sometime. I call it Cell-Phonetography; I have put it off… Continue reading

Super Nova

Here is something a little off-beat for a photo blog; A drawing. I was at one time very heavily into drawing and have not done anything in sometime. I started doodling this morning… Continue reading